Hi Gang

Edit 3: I, as you can see, decided to continue and become a part of the wordpress.com community. I discovered that I just didn’t want to accept the social obligations this community comes with. I still hate it but that will fade in time. So lets have a little fun!

Edit 2: As it turns out I am committed and you are interesting. Shit now I have to read a lot more. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Edit 1:
I have to rethink this thoroughly. I published prematurely. There has to be an alternative, to using this as a twitter account. But I’m smart. I’ll figure something out.

Or this correction is a huge waste of time and nobody really reads my stuff. Just wants to be followed. Either way is her the original post. I don’t like to delete stuff I wrote.

It’s getting crowdy.

Just to clarify.
I will not follow anyone back for a fair amount of time. If you do this just to get one more follower, you can spend your time on others more interested in social networking. I’m sorry but I’ll explain, as always.
I started reading some of my first followers texts and was very impressed, but at the same time I felt obliged to follow her and somehow I can’t do things, I feel I am forced to. And if I follow you, I have the opinion, I feel I should know your story. That’s in a way my code of honor.
I am close to certain, all your stories and experiences are very interesting and could be helpful. But I am a slow reader and I have to fight through several books that will improve my situation. They have priority at the moment.
Don’t be angry with me. Someday we all will be a big virtual, depressed family.
But for the moment, I have to stumble alone.

Stand upright



Get to my head!

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