Political cofuckingbastardniggerjewrrectness

I want to advocate someone!

Georges Gilles de la Tourette.
He is the inventor of a device that frees you from social boundaries and enables you saying whatever comes to mind. You should try it. Not as useful as the Foreman grill but twice the fun and half the price.

It is retarded to deem words unacceptable. It is a failure and misconception of society to censor. You don’t want to hear something? Don’t fucking listen to it. Oh, but you are offended. Come here, sit on my lap. I stroke your back for a while and you cry it all out and yourself to sleep. Don’t worry I am here for you, I will carry you into bed, when tears drove you into hysterical exhaustion. And when you sleep, the grown-ups can do the relevant talking.
Being offended does not make you special or in any way obliged to a certain kinder treatment. You can’t stand facts or insults. Then stay at home. Watch a little bit of TV. Talk to you neighbor about the last football game. But don’t castrate your intellectual elite. It’s none of your business to define the vocabulary of others.
That is what political correctness does, it bars those who want to, from saying what they want to. Just in case someone is not able to bare the stress and pure terror of words.

Yes, words are the evil of our time. one is not allowed to say that Bush and Obama are de facto mass murderers. The latter even got a nobel peace price in advance (!!!!!). For doing what? Being elected! Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger should be trialed as war criminals. Michael Jackson was a kid fucker, Elvis probably too. Scientology kidnaps their own people and holds them under unlawful detention. Mother Therese neither a saint nor a strong believer. Most politicians greedy, bought liars. Goldman Sachs unstoppably on their road to world domination. While at it investmentfonds or -banks in general and fundamental corrupt and criminal institutions.There are indices, proof or blatant obviousness for each and everyone of that claims. Although there is always one or many refusing or in denial by putting their fingers in their ears and screaming as loud as they can:
And because of those idiots I shall accept no investigation, no study, no organization with lawful principals holding those accountable who fail humanity

Political correctness exceeds the humorous approach of a simple conspiracy theory. It is yours and my conditioning to shut the fuck up and swallow last bit of fraud and ejaculate by someone who doesn’t want things to be said. I don’t know whom, but nothing happens just for shits and giggles. Most things have a reason!

Except Nickie Minaj nobody saw that fucked up, barbie, auto-tune monster coming. She always looks like she has no idea why she is where she is.

You rightfully claim, that I am able to say that. But nobody gives a fuck about my pathetic existence. I have the right to be offended because of that, you have the right to be offended because Subway cancelled the meatball sandwich, at least in Germany, stupid fuck-faces. But the same as religion: silent and in humility.

Or start your own blog, which nobody reads…
Any way stand upright and good night.


P.S.: I surmounted myself in the title. To openly use that word in


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