The tulip crisis or a lesson not to be learned

This is the story about a little country and how to keep your shit together:

There once was  a little country called Holland. It was a cute little country. Small, filled with marches, windmills and inhabited by the most sophisticated gardeners of all Europe. They loved flowers, especially tulips.

The gardens which were cultivated by the merchants around their great estates becoming more and more excessive. Up to a point were a tulip became a luxury item and highly overpriced item in a speculative bulb market. A tulip bubble occurred and grew into a full-blown economic crisis as it burst. In their desperation the tulip traders, who extended their wealth during the rise of the tulips, turned to the government and asked for a bailout.
The government, smart and progressive as it was, realized that the tulip trade was simply too big to fail. They could not have it implode. So the merchants were given anything they asked for. Enough money to grow new tulips, feed their families and even expand their territory to the rest parts of this world to grow tulips everywhere they could. And more they were put in charge of the residual basic economy. They spread the good news of tulips being the amazing future basis of every economy and that’s why the astonishing landscape of the Netherlands is to this day shaped by the variety of the tulips colors.

The most expensive tulip in history

Well, fuck no, dear Sir! The government proposed a plan to reduce the effects on the essential, productive economy. The appeal was crushed by the merchants incapacity of content. The crisis ended with the judiciary system not enforcing any contracts in that matter. Substantiated with the irresponsibility of courts hold the assizes in matters of gambling. No money for tulip fanatics! The message: You get greedy and speculate with imaginary values! You carry your own ass out of your own overvalued mess!

Despite all that, to this day the tulip remains the proud symbol of a dutch culture, creativity and realism.

Later I will talk about the TINA-principle . Coined by the Iron Lady Thatcher and favored nowadays by every politician and economist, for matters in which there are no alternatives. It is flawed.
There always is an alternative. We Germans have an expression when the mob gets agitated and starts looting and rampaging revolutionary-style. “Mit Fackeln und Forken.” might be rooted in the french revolution. Not sure. It means the end of arguments and to grab what you have, collectively march to the mansion and from this point everyone can paint his or her own favorite picture of the following.

Stand upright.



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