A view on Culture, Copyright and Money

This will be a dual-wielded sword. A story and the above mentioned.
Today I went to the market with my little sister to buy some fancy cheese, chicken with a strange name and a lot of sweets. Plus! We ate ice-cream, while walking through the rain.
She walked under my umbrella, next to me, while she asked me, how much it had coast and that she herself wanted to add something to it. I said to her, that she would never, ever, need to worry about money, when with me. My whole life I will pay everything for her, as long as I am able to and she accepted, reluctant, but smiling. Then her face became in a sudden rush very serious. We stopped and she stared at me for a few baffling seconds, then abruptly asked:”Has anyone paid you for your music and could you be paid for that blog thingy?” I replied:”No, no. Nobody paid me yet and I think it will take a long time, if they ever choose to, at all.”
She closed her eyes for a little while and went on:”You haven’t answered me. Can you be paid for writing?”, she repeated in a more assertive tone. “Well, yes little one, you can and I enabled them.” She kept her eyes closed through the whole procedure. “That’s smart.” she decided and we kept walking, with our frozen dreams in our hands.
We had three waffles. She had three scoops of different flavours and I had two. We shared a third one. It was a special flavor, called angelblue or azuro. One of two kinds, I preferred as a child. Azuro and Sweet Woodruff. The colours were neon blue and neon green, disgustingly strong flavours and sweet as a bad Long Island Ice Tea. So all in all perfect for a child.
As we went ahead, the topics changed faster, than I could give proper answers to her inquiry. She is an amazing mixture of reflection, intelligence and ADHD-tendencies. A hard to withstand amalgam for me. One second we talked about a stupid animated witch show with ignorant role-models, she loves and the other second, out of the blue, she asks:”Why aren’t they paying you?” With all my brain-frozen power I made the connection, hesitated and replied:”Uhm… I have no idea.” But she was now heated up:”Do you want them to?”, “No.”, “Do you like them to?”, “Yes.”, she knows how I work. “How do you get them to pay you?”, she continues “I have no idea!”, I shot back. Meanwhile I am getting tired and frustrated. She, relentless and cruel in her nescience went on:”Why?”, “Because in my opinion no one should pay for art.”, “Why?”, “No one has the right to put a price on culture, not even the artist.”, “I see.” I finally caught a breath. “Have you told them?”, I held it again and stared at her, for a more striking time, I would be willing to admit. My instant strain of thought was, that she should go fuck herself. I have done it and uploaded it, that should be enough for the world to acknowledge my talent, it should be enough to support me. What does this little shithead know! I start to get mad and rage fills my head in juxtaposition to my young, innocent sister.
“You suck at money.”, she stated, making her point, licking at her scoop slowly, while looking at it. I sadly replied:”I know, little one, I know.”

So this story should make you, at least in my eyes know. I also realize, that one sometimes refuses to understand the message, a story brings with it. A message is oftentimes the one thing, taking more time to sink in. Time is money and money is full of crap. So I’ll spare us both, for a short period.

I deem what I do as culture. Not art, but culture. I am not good enough to let it be art. Nothing you can or will say about me or my work will change that view. Yet nobody but society can value it’s importance and I am a child of the internet. You raised me, you destroyed me, you built me up, you educated me, you destroyed me and built me up again. The Internet is a companion and aid I will never miss again on purpose. A nakama. You don’t know what that means? Despite popular believe, not Hogan, but Google knows best and even Japan brought us words that never cease to amaze.
It is time mankind starts to act like it possesses the ability to think adequately and we as such start to realize what we are. The Internet is the manifestation of human consciousness. It is the one and only necessary social experiment. No boundaries are needed nor will be tolerated. We have experienced total freedom. That idea is now there, no one will take it from us, but I will define this homo virtualis another day.
I am a child of the internet and we are children of infinite possibility. We declared that culture and art has no value and is at the same time the topmost coveted thing, everyone gets called by into being. And this in an era, in which money is praised, to be the importance supreme, as well as somehow declared to be everything. An idea can’t be everything but is prerequisite for life, social standing or ability to participate in nearly every aspect of human dignity. That’s were copyright went simply wrong.
To this day I hear artists saying:”You would want to get paid either.” Yeah…. BUT I AM NOT A GREEDY, SHALLOW CUNT, WHO EXPLOITS THEIR FANS WEAKNESSES AND INABILITY TO SEE YOUR TRUE SELF!!!! Yet.
I want everyone to make educated decisions. That’s what I truly, intrinsically want. If that means, you and they give me nothing, but take all. So be it. That would be no reason for me to stop.
My political views are strongly influenced by Karl Marx and Paul Lafarque, Christopher Hitchens and let’s not get into detail, I couldn’t give a shit or fuck about yours, so maybe mine are not as important either. I don’t think anyone has yet defined a useful, static economical or political system for that matter. My economic principles are these two: sustainability and crowd-founding. With that two, mankind has a chance to survive it’s own stupidity.

In the future I might find sites, that enable crowd-founding to various degrees, I will inform everyone via Internet how I could be supported. Every single one of my creations, be it music or text, has the flattr button, a micropayment service for anything. I could never and with “could” I mean, I lack the will to make you pay anything, that is just not my way. You deserve to hear and to read what I do and what you want. No matter what social standard you have, what religion, political view or society you are born in or chose to accept, or for that matter how rich you are, doesn’t matter to me. I will not feel obliged by anyone, especially not by someone who thinks I owe him or her anything, because of their financial distribution. You gave me money. The people of wordpress gave me a voice. Can you equal that with a coin, a piece of paper or a plastic card? You had both ideas. The idea of wordpress a more constructive one. Can you repay that? I hope I someday can. But they do not want me to. They offer it to me. The same as I. I offer the possibility to invest in my future. In a future we all might like to see and shape to a degree I find acceptable.

I do not want to be rich or famous. Money as power corrupts and we have neither of them under control or in check.
I want to get along, I want to not be a burden to my family. I struggle with jobs. Companies are no persons, but if they were, they would be criminals at least, mass murderers and war-criminals at worst and ignorant at best.
And I am the insane one for not wanting to support that? Fuck them all! Burn ’em at the stakes and take your shit back!
Or grant absolution and do a different thing from now on. Fine with me.  Nobody needs to die. Although I have to admit, I would love to see a genocide hitting those, usually inflicting them on others. Just for the irony and as a nice variety of extra violence in my head.

Stand upright




P.S.: My little sister is ten and the smartest fucking kid I have ever seen. She is highly interested in my activities on my blog and dances through the house singing my very own songs without knowing the language. She is the slap in the face I need to come out of my fear and loathing, so how could I not praise, defend and love her ’till the end?


11 responses to “A view on Culture, Copyright and Money

  1. Oh man – I can just see this conversation taking place. And the singing through the house.
    You know what REALLY hits me between the yes with your writing – it is actually so darn good Jona – on two levels (and a million more really) but
    1) English is your SECOND language right? UNbelievable..
    2) Your thought process is so much fun and yet so real and raw and pure.

    You will need a very big pillow to lay your head down on tonight ;)

    • This comes after the other comment, just to be clear I read the other one before and the poem in between. WordPress still comes in my way of nonorganization. By the way I am still feeling very uncomfortable with poetry, but my comfort zone is no longer relevant.
      I can only say thank you and that only sleeping people need a pillow.

      • I will comment no further and give your heart time to regain its peaceful rhythm…you caught me just in time – I was about to go re read – I will but I will now not comment. Sure you can bare under that? To wait.

      • I need to. I have forgotten, how to stand still and give my mind and body rest. If my body won’t force me to rest, my mind will substitute in a insufficient way, but still.

      • Not for long as you can see now. I needed to get that of my chest. I love poetry it is so sad, that most of the world will never fully grasp the magnificence of Heinrich Heine or Rainer Maria Rilke. Simply because one vote lacked to make German the dominant language in the USA. Their misfortune :)

  2. …and by the way…to get to your head: I think you understand perfectly well exactly everything I am saying EVEN though it is virtual ;) But I played a game of getting to heads once before…it ended quite miserably…

    • Read the other one? I won’t manipulate or lie any more. My journey only begun I am aware of that, but I had to get rid of some minor flaws before tackling the major ones.
      I truly don’t grasp what you tell me, maybe because I am not able to take it for what it is, maybe because I simply lack the tolerance for compassion in my favor. I have a mind of options. They are not infinite, but sometimes hard to narrow down.

      I am shaking no longer in trepidation. I was mainly confused because, in german empathy has only the meaning of the ability one can have to “feel” someones intentions, we have other words for it’s meaning of being understanding, caring and so on. This is edited at 3:21.

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