Another reason I write

I feel unchallenged. Few people argue with me without becoming highly irrational or emotional. I express my worldview because it needs to be tested. It hast to be put under pressure to prevail. I want people to take it apart and rip it to shreds! Destroy me! Do it! NOW!


Madness? This. Is. HITCHEEEEENS!

I am depressive and traumatic, not an intellectual fragility.  I don’t need reinforcement. I need challenge. I am weak. My body and mind are weak, my will is still strong and I have to test the adaptability of my worldview. So here is a claim I want you to fuck with:

Aerobics is a fraud, marketing lie and ineffective up to harmful!I made it easy for you. Medicine is none of my strong points. As are natural sciences in general. Get to my head. Change my view on this!

edit: This has to be tagged properly to get the fitness-junkies to me.


Stand upright and good morning or whatever time you feel right now,



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Get to my head!

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