The United States of Jona

This will be a fairly short one. That was a blatant lie.

What a fucked up development is this? The last two nobel peace prizes went not to people, but to organizations.  First the EU a non-elected, quasi government and now the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. This is not the purpose of a nobel prize. This price is a fraud and the only one not awarded in retrospect, but rather to educate and guide to proper behaviour. Very scientific. And who decides what is proper behaviour? It’s committee consists of retired Norwegian parliamentarians. Diddelifuckindoo, unwanted politicians. They sure do a great deal of heavy thinking. What do I have to say more about its credibility?
Of course chemical weapons are bad, but the abolition of them does nothing in favour of a peace process. It simply deprives a sovereign state of a part of its might and weapons arsenal. How would you feel if Dr. Jona (The new superhero I developed in my head) came over and took all your precious weapons from you, even your chemical ones? Which destruction you still delay for spurious reasons. I would have earned a nobel peace price. Before I talked to no one in particular, more in general, now I talk exactly to your face USA:

Round and round and round he goes, when he stops nobody knows.

Round and round and round he goes, when he stops nobody knows.

You are the number one warmonger or bellicist on this planet. Balance of power is a joke, when a superpower behaves like a hurt, little child, desperately trying to punish his own friends for being shown his physical limits.  By the way, that is the way the world sees you now. After 9/11 we were sympathetic, everyone felt your pain, some even declared the end of the hedonistic society and you? You feel justified to go on a worldwide rampage again. Fuck you, we are fed up. Not with your people, they are caring and nice, slightly crazy, but we all are in our own way. I am talking about a government here. You will be brought to the books. That is no menace it’s fact. If you disagree. Try a valid history book for stupid-ass first-graders! Shallow cunts! That had to be said.

Back to the nobel price. It is not meant for organizations, it’s meant for single outstanding characters, which further development of peace. I admit, that was ignored in the past as well. But additionally none of the main criteria intended by its founder are met:

  1. This price is not aimed to bring peace between, but a domestic conflict inside one single nation.
  2. It’s not reducing standing armies, it’s reducing the crap one side throws at the other, still equipped with the same shit. Provided by whom? Take a wild guess. Pscht, for example we Germans sold them some until as late as 2011. YES WE MIX THAT SHIT HERE!
  3. Well nobody sees a peace congress or am I the only one blind and ignorant?

And these are just the three my fast Wikipedia research gave me. You know more? Let’s burn those idiots! I’d love to.

I know what you want to say. “But Jona, chemical weapons are evil and the organization important.”
Well, it’s not the… Fuck! Pay attention to what I wrote above.


Stand upright


P.S.: No proofread necessary, it’s just to get it away from me into a certain distant anger! It gave birth to a new category: rants. They are born out of anger and lack of power. I don’t deem them important to read but to write. Still thanks for sticking through.

P.P.S.: This is actually an edit. Few ours later I realize. That this is me, I am the United States. I am  lashing out when hurt and I am always hurt.


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