One Night among Friends

I finally wrote a story. I only did one once and I do not know where to find it anymore. It is about many things. Listen to this, while reading and you might get the core concept a little bit better.

This is officially my first one. I wanted to make it funnier, more serious and longer and then shorter. Now I give up and give away:

A sound. A familiar sound. A sound like a stone hitting water.

Again. Splash.
Where did that came from? He tried opening his eyes, tried looking around. Did not work, only darkness. Was he not able to move or has the ever-growing enemy finally caught up with them and…
Splash, splash, splash. Splash. Splash. The sound consecutively growing with intensity and in pain? Yes, definitely pain. Pain alike an echo and SPLASH!

“GEORGE!”, one word pulls him out of the unknown back into reality and the present. A huge compound eye musters him from anywhere to everywhere.”George”, the voice repeats itself in a calmer version of its former high-pitched tone,”are you dead?” George sighed and stated, while searching in his pocket for his cigarettes:”That’s the problem with us insects, Larry. You never know.”
“We never know what, George?”, demands Larry, the waking recon-fly, to know. A deep, chesty voice interrupts not intended answer:”Shut up, you dumb cunt. Have you not realized, that we are the most stupid breed, ever wandering these godforsaken parts?” A question belonging to Illwich, chewing on its own fingers to “improve their flexibility”. “Really? We stupid? I would not have thought of that.” said Larry and got commented shortly after:”See? There’s your first clue. The rest is intellectual legwork and not suited for the likes of us. George. Is everything okay?”, the fat Ladybug changing the subject, while checking his friends condition.

George gets up, shakes off the dust and rummages around in his pockets for a cigarette, finds a joint, puts it in his mouth and lights it up. He inhales slowly, looks up the old skyscraper, from where he, up to recently, held watch over the whole region. “Dunno.”, he rambles, while exhaling. The two others replied, he might look shaken up, but not as bad as to worry about it.

They decided collectively to light a big fire and begin supper early this day. It has been a long time, since anybody from their group fell down from somewhere. Last time they had a big party, with funny hats, drugs and other things the nature of a party made them forget. For this assignment Larry sadly forgot the hats. After they fixed up something to eat, they sit around the fire. Larry wants to throw an empty can over to George. „Reflex test“, as he says. The fallen grasshopper dryly responds: “I am not seeing that happen.” Larry raises his arm to emulate a throwing movement. “Now I can see that happen.” George says, an empty, fast-thrown can making the acquaintance of his face, escorted by Larry screaming happily:”Super-Reflex-Test, Babaaaahyy!”
To settle the matter, a brawl breaks out and is only ended by Illwichs tendency to mind other people’s businesses. He has the final word in these matters. His ass to fat to defy its might in sitting atop of them, forcing peace upon them however he wants to. A gladly accepted one. A wildly celebrated one as well. Idiots, using every excuse to drink, take drugs and get out of hand simultaneously.

None of them could really remember how George’s fall had happened. They tried to put the pieces together. Somehow this puzzle was a unsolvable mystery, never meant to be solved. Mainly because the fallen, the only one with first-hand evidence, struggles to remember. His only thoughts: the splashing sound of Larry’s flat hand, beating him back to their side.
“As you mention it.”, Illwich declares:”You seem kinda, somehow, in a way, more reticent than usually.” Georges asks himself, how that could be perceptible, but did not want to open Pandora’s Box. He relaxes, takes a deep hit, passes and shouts out of the blue into Illwichs surprised face:”You are just an obnoxious idiot, wanting everybody else feeling miserable and alone, because you are exactly that! Miserable and alone.”, instantaneously forcing his hand to keep his mouth shut.
“Well, that was kinda uncalled for.” Larry states. Illwich, his mouth still and his eyes wide open, shakes his head and mumbles:”Dude, you are among friends, but if this assholery keeps up, you deserve to know. When I think about it… No that would be too mean.” Larry is getting uneasy as he sits. He wants to know, begs Illwich to tell. He is getting highly irrational and irritated. He cannot have secrets around him. At some drunken occasion he confessed, that secrets would eat his soul alive, bit by bit. Every secret. Even those mysteries he himself knows the core of. Illwich on the one hand keeps defiant and silent. George on the other wants to know now.

He is now curious, takes another deep hit, grins, while blowing the smoke out of his chest and asks:”What is it, Ladyboy?” Illwich bursts in red, screaming:”Faggot. You’re stupid-ass wings are broken! How will you fly now? Dumb fuck! I would’ve broken them myself, would I’ve known what an ungrateful fuckface you are!” Larry and George try staring at him incredulous, with one eyebrow raised, but way to amused seeing his Krpytonite doing its magic, to keep him from rampaging.

George turns to Larry:“Is it true?“ Larry falters, hangs his head in shame and nods, agreeing through silence. „Shit“, George takes another hit. „from now on, you will have to carry me.“ Two heads turn in sonic speed, are looking into his face, at his broken wings and back to his face.
Two voices, uni sono stating sudden clarity:“Shit.“
A final thought fills George’s head: Would they be able to cope with it?  The transformation of friendship to family will not be easy. Will they be alright? Will I am?
They might or might not, but they are first and foremost among friends. Family? “Let’s see.” thought George to himself, slowly passing out due to his addi… pain, due to his pain,”Let’s see. Let’s see, but among friends. Among friends. I can take that. Among friends.”

“He looks cute, when he sleeps.”

“Let’s get the can and the other stuff. His head looks hilarious, when you hit him with shit.”

“Mmh. True that!”

The night went on and passed with the moon in tow. One night among friends.


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