The Winter is coming.


Ocelocat and the only picture of  a cat I will ever upload to the cat-filled nirvana of the Internet.

Everything you need for a bad day is a really, really good morning.

I took our dog and cats out into our garden. Took is a slight overestimation of my part in this decision. I played a very passive role. I forgot to close the door, they followed me accordingly. We were a team of little, unique wanderers. The cats strayed through the bushes, passed the pathway in front of me from time to time   and left the dog right at my side. Well, she is an old dog. She was right at my behind, covering my back.

After our little walk, we had breakfast on the balcony, with self-made bread, various kinds of cheese, a close-to-perfect coffee and an egg. I had breakfast, while I watched the sunrise one last time in style. It is getting way too cold and way too crowded in this time of the year for that procedure. I had a cigarette and observed the fog yielding in countenance of the awakening sun. It was a marvelous sight. I will miss it.
In the middle of my ritual, our smallest cat took a run-up and in an elegant, flowing movement jumped onto the shoulders of the dog, without hesitation smashed into the entry glass-door, trying and failing to catch a butterfly. Shivering glass, but luckily it persisted. I would have been very badly pissed. Cleaning up after this little idiot is none of my favorite activities. In the meantime the misused dog, stared straight into my eyes, not making a move or wink, with a look on her face, that shouted:”Look what shit I have to deal with throughout the day.” We called it a day and went inside.

Right now I have my second breakfast in bed. Eating apple pie, drinking coffee and thinking how this day could get better or worse. No matter what.


Stand upright, winter is coming,



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