In Blankets and Sheets

I lost and lived through different times
bodies came and went and came
below the belt I cannot see
what grows beneath the willow we
departure and remain in ease
wrapped around in blankets, sheets

to breathe your confirmation, foul still true
conclude my widest guess awake
bestow upon a ride to corners I could never fight
acceptance clears the path towards orders that one can’t abide
and in the end there’s humble gleam
a candle guardian by the lake

shadow in your almond might
where warmth should be and rest in need
your words call lie my heart yank tight my heart calls lie your word denied
if anybody ever sees, lays buried ‘neath the willow tree
it’s glorious prevailing me, it’s joy, it’s hope, it’s love, it’s fright
wrapped around in blankets, sheets.


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