Man versus Thunder

Through wailing wind and rain go under,
dropped in line whilst fading humming lore
brings a common sea of whiter wonder,
destination calls then cries, disembogues in roar.

Raging will come wiser. Wise and wicked as the seer
call the nebulosity and wrings pounding twinges cold.
Sole volition loud and louder, loud and louder as could hear.
Lechery corrupts the eye, benevolence consuming old.

Prodigious fight may come, desperate it calls thee anger
and hammer gores constancy, blunt wilt chastest will.
A raucous voice under purple and black and amber.
Debilitating gloom lays solid body still.


©  Jonapluswords


6 responses to “Man versus Thunder

  1. I read – then read again – and then – well I had to use google to finally understand these fabulous images. Because you see – my vocabulary is getting beautifully stretched by your writing. It is a wonderful thing :)

    All made sense then! ..except – still trying to figure out ‘hammer gores’ ?

    So being able to understand the words written is a great way to understanding a poem ey. ;)

    Fabulous – just fabulous — You write poetry pretty darn well. Inspiring…you write almost from a different era…

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