What will it be?

Fly me over the wall.

Fly me over the wall.

Today I had a long walk through the woods. I had to think about several things. It is simply time to state this.

I am not poor. I do not have a lot of money, but to be true, that’s because I do not really need anything. One beautiful trait that comes with depression.

Of course it would be nice, to buy myself some new clothes, because my new, thin ass does not really fit in any of my pants.
My family and I we we’re poor once. I think now we are getting along fine. I never needed to hunger in my life.

Well the first three months I lived independently together with my brother, I really sucked at organizing the amount of money I had at my disposal.
I had only bread to eat, water to drink and I had to be creative where I would roll my cigarettes into for a few days.
Just a tip: Don’t use something that contains ink. Stings uncomfortably. That didn’t prevent me from smoking obviously.

What I really want to say. It is time that poor people have to stop feeling sorry for themselves and stop letting others talk inferiority into their heads. Being poor is not anyone’s fault, as well as being rich. But in fact neither success, nor wealth, nor power entitles someone to anything. How do I know? A guillotine will make no difference. History has shown.

The thing is, there a way more poor, than filthy-rich people and one of those two is exploiting our planet, obsessed with personality cult and status symbols, additionally raping and humiliating the other.

My question:

Do you think, you can build your walls high enough, that we will not climb over them and hold you accountable for your actions?


Stand upright,


©  Jonapluswords


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