Liberty in Death and the Birth of the Barrel-list

I have recently started to become more active in the wordpress community and met some interesting people furthermore got a lot of input. That is on one hand pretty constructive and on the other badly exhausting. The accumulation of information about people, forces me to connect to them even through the virtual barrier. But I am grateful for the opportunity.

I received some inspiration and want to share with you the birth of a new category on my blog. I was never a person of small words or gestures. For that reason I will not set myself small goals, even if that seems to be suitable or best for me or that may be the advice given by many to me. I don’t give a shit and fuck!

The items on this list are long-time goals, that I will achieve in life or death. Although the world will continue to exist even if I should die some day, I settled with the fact, that this messed up conglomerate of hells will never let me leave its agony.

Here is the first and most important aim I set myself to fulfill:

I will go to space and if it’s the last thing I do!

The Tarantula Nebula

I could explain why the stars have an amazing appeal to me, but their gravity should be obvious to every keen eye, as it is to all celestial bodies. I want to see the wonders of the universe. I want to travel among the stars. That is where my mind wanders either way.
I believe there is one sole reason mankind is not yet bound itself to travel space.
Man or woman seeing the world in its entirety from space gaining a form of enlightenment. An innate understanding of collectivity.
In my opinion I start to realize its concept, but I want to witness this myself. I want to gaze at the world in peaceful, plain existence, besides gazing at mankinds unimportance.

This I want to see with my own eyes.

This I want to see with my own eyes.

One thing I crave. This is where I belong and I will be walk among those, even if only in death.
Throw me at the stars and let me burn in their light.


Stand upright,



©  Jonapluswords

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21 responses to “Liberty in Death and the Birth of the Barrel-list

  1. ..and one day you shall – the opportunity in stars is endless….I was DRAWING stars this morning! HACKER :)
    A small goal is not very liberating is it. Now a large one – an ‘almost’ unattainable one – THAT is a good goal.

  2. Jona, several things:
    1. Have you not seen the movie “Gravity?!?!?!” Oh my goodness, space… scary….
    2. ^I’m mostly joking, I think your goal is awesome.

  3. Reading this made my tired head spin a little, and reminded me of dreams I have of space travel!
    I hope you get to space Jona – and I would love to be there too – I think definitely the future of the human lies out there.
    Do not go too soon, however, as at present, I believe man is going about it the wrong way. The current way is all about thrust and power and speed and escape… A quick way to a certain fiery death… or dessicating in a cold dead vessel hurtling to nowhere…
    The answer lies somewhere within the quantum world (you probably already know this), and it will be about ‘pulling the fabric’ toward us, not about flying for light years to the place. We reach out to where we want to be, and bring it and all around it into our part of the universe, and then we could almost walk there – a single moon or planet, a star system, or an entire galaxy could be brought in to hover near our own star system. When we are done, we just return the fabric to where it once was. Imagine! I don’t think it’s that far away, but maybe we need to shed some human faults before the universe will let us play with it in this way…
    Whatever – our destiny lies in the stars, and maybe we will live to see that become real. I hope.
    I look forward to reading future items on your list.

    • Mmh, I think I am with you. But before we think about that, we need to get our asses into the solar system and discover our very own star.
      I want to be there too. Thanks for giving your thought on this. It is as always enlightening.
      Of course I imagine this, but it is way beyond my span of years. Well except my fear becomes reality and life will not let me die some day ;)

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