A bad Day for a Terrorist

Everybody knows the situation I will delineate. In this situation there is nothing you can do to correct a mistake or bargain with the offended. The only things left to do are apologizing and hoping for forgiveness on the part of the wronged ones.

In a comparable situation a young organization found themselves in.

Let us imagine the following scenario:

You are one of the participants in a civil war. For the sake of this story we relocate you straight into the cradle of civilization. Lets take this case straight into the Syrian humanitarian disaster. You are the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.
You do what one does in a civil war. Shooting at the other guys. Getting shot back at. Throwing grenades back and forth and so on. Faking chemicals attacks, doing some, suffering from some. Nothing new, the daily routine.
Every now and then you get somewhere new. You take a hill, you take a new building or others take your entrenchments and you are forced to retreat someplace. Movement is key to success in every war. But it brings many vexations with it.

Another day of this war and the enemy attacks. The position, your invaluable ass sits in, is successfully defended. The fight is not over for very long, you carefully search the battlefield pillaging or as it is called nowadays, resupplying.
There lays an enemy soldier. Driveling about your insufficient faith and death and whatnot.

This enemy reveals a problem wars tend to bring with them:

Prisoners of war

Only secondarily for spicing things up

A little insight could be of value here. The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, short ISIS, is a militia with presumed links to Al-Qaeda. So they are obviously evil and additionally provided with a wrong agenda.
Fortunately for the Mujahideen their agenda spares them the expensive relocation of said prisoners to a remote military base somewhere far of any jurisdiction.
They rediscovered a long forgotten tradition. The spectacle of beheading.

The ingredients are not rare and fortunately accessible to everyone. You need a prisoner, a sword, an axe or something similar sharp and heavy. A scaffold gives a professional touch, but is optional. If you are the fancy kind of headman, you can add a preferably hysteric and aggressive crowd. Voilà an execution your neighbours will envy you for more than one birthday and beyond your wildest imagination.
Of course there is a lot of patriotic bloviation and gesture that needs to be added, but everyone can make that up along the way. There simply are no wrong words for an execution. Showing the mans severed head to the public, is also a common activity in beheading circles. For those readers, who think about opening an own no-head-club, religion is not essential but gives the whole extravaganza a certain raw and preordained touch.
Praising some god or the other as definitely the greatest, might come in handy, if the crowd gets to cocky.

Home sweet home

Could have been war, could have been a five-year-plan

So there you are. Having fought a long, hard battle and also beheaded a man. Some would call it a day. But not you, you are a fastidious little freedom fighter. There are some things continually missing. Aspects that could transform this day into your day.
You go home. Wash away all that blood and rest of guts from your clothes and body. The couch embroidered with small flowers serves as a temporary bed. The telephone as a transitional alarm clock. Reluctantly you get yourself blundering in rough direction of the disturbing communicator.
Your superior with overwhelming news concerning your promised promotion and increase is calling you in the middle of the night.
You publicly beheaded one of your allied commanders.

The foremost reason to shut the fuck up, if captured.

All in all a bad day for Mohammed Fares.



There is a moral to this story: In war there’s almost always death, but in death lays rarely glory.

Stand upright,


P.S.: To clarify my point of view. I was very precarious about the title. I do not view the soldiers in Syria, none of them, as terrorists. But they are brown guys with beards and are those not all somehow terrorists?


6 responses to “A bad Day for a Terrorist

  1. nope ~I have nothing intelligent to say here~ I do not believe it is my place frankly for my knowledge of such things is not clear.
    Yet it was epically written and made me laugh a bit (probably not supposed to – but there you go…)
    Nice one Jona.

    • Of course it is in a minor fashion written with an ironic undertone. But it mainly criticizes a trend of dehumanisation in our culture. And guess what! I don’t like what I see ;)

      • Jona – I think I understand it – a lot of terms I don’t understand quite, and would have to agree completely with your reply here about dehumanisation…it is a global trend –which may be more apparent the modern world – but has likely been around for a long time. Not 100 % sure – which is WHY I did not get TOO involved ~ but I still like its style hey ;)

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