Meanwhile on the Bus…

Nobody can wait forever. Somewhere along the line of the waiting process, there is most likely a point, where the exit was missed.
You pushed the button and stared at the steel door opening just for you. You do not grab your bag and leave. You just sit there. You still wait.
Of course you could go out straight ahead. You are even accustomed to where you would be breathing fresh air again, but still you wait. After all the next stop might be the one you have to take. It might be the one you always wanted to take.
That could still be true.

The bus carrying you evidently sucks. It is a moving garbage can and seemingly functions since the dawn of time. As a passenger you could make the assumption, it must have been one of the evils freed by the impetuously curious Pandora, as a morose demon steers the wheel into darkness and through the void, with advice, comment or simple disgust for each and everyone.
Because he is the demon of roads, he is your guide, if you like it or not.

For fucks sake!
Why do busmen have to be such an intolerable plague?


Well, there are exceptions apparently. My theory however is the following:
The mean clique of busmen has to have some black sheep. So they can make fun of them and alienate a specific minority to manifest their grip on an otherwise well protected monopoly on regional movement.
So there are with all intents and purposes recruited, a small minority of people who are fun to be with and generally good ones. Poor pure and nice busmen.

Despite the whole driver and busmen kerfuffle, we are still aiming towards an unknown destination, due to one little circumstance, fact or fiction.
One stupid and ignorant woman. Who else could it be, than a woman? Who better could it be, than the first woman?
The old Greeks in their glory, loved to hate women. True. Women are always beautiful in their description. But it is also fact, that they can and will fuck up everything of importance to men. In Grecian epic they invariably do.
A prediction or repetition of the whole garden of Eden thing and its protagonist.
There is one job. One thing not to do. Do not eat from that tree, no matter what. Do not open that damned vase!
What has to happen?
It is bitten and it is opened. Women the great randomizer and equalizer through out mythology.

Thanks a lot women. You fucked it up for all of us. Why is evil shit happening to the world and it’s inhabitants? Only your existence is to be blamed.
You are bad people bringing all these bad things, like greed, anger, minotaurs and shit. In passing free will, which is also your fault, but fuck that, nobody really needs to think.
It is getting confusing again. It is always confusing to be confronted with a dumb-ass society that is conditioning men to hate women, but also forces them to adore, what they should hate. Adulation and disgust. Nice combination of stupid shit we eat everyday through television, radio stations, music, art, religion, work ethics and so on and on. Reality and believe collide disastrously and create an environment completely alienated to thinking people. And to one degree or another we all are.


Would Pandora only have listened to the mean bus driver.


She would have known, that there is no eating allowed inside of the bus.
She would have kept her Tupperware closed and everyone lived happily ever after.

But no. We are still sitting inside of the bus and all for that stupid first girl, who was not vigilante enough. How can listening to a god or the designated driver, seem like a bad move? Still, she was kind perpetrator. She saw hope laying at the bottom of her large jar and closed it in time. Mankind still has hope. An evil by definition, but wise men know using its essence to prevail. The unwise are following the hopes of others.
Be aware, do not miss your stop or you will end up following a bus driver.

The woman was, from a historically point of view, scarcely appreciated, as she should or could have been. I deem the old mythology of the ancient Greeks neither feministic nor egalitarian. Whereas concerning mankind’s place on earth, a more realistic understanding of existence could be granted to their view of the complexities of life, than our culture have yet to develop.


Smart old and dead people!


There are actually two versions of the Pandora tale and there is a twist to both combined.
One version depicts the box as containing all the evils in the world, in the other its content is everything good. This is highly antithetic, would it not be for this little piece of wisdom. Pandora in most common translation means “the all giving”.

The Greek fellas where indeed smart. Enabled and wise enough to differentiate between a jar and a box.
Why is it, that modern society and culture fails in accepting and rectifying mistakes?


Stand upright,



3 responses to “Meanwhile on the Bus…

  1. I can add no more..
    Oh no wait I can I am a women and my voice must be heard at all times! ;)
    ‘Wisdom of the old springs to mind’ ~ there is a distinct irony there in…we went terribly horribly wrong, right at the beginning ~ that wrong was rectified;controlled; kept under guard…and now…set lose from it’s shackles intended to be worn in disobedience…to what effect?
    Blindness to our flawed nature…hence diminishing what was intended to bring joy and beauty by a mere glance…a breath. Instead a roar is heard that has swung the earth off its axis.
    Something like that
    Like this writing style :D

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