Bosnia gets agitated


Does anyone still remember the Occupy-movement?

You know these hippie kinda guys, except for they consisted off nearly every cultural and societal class, camping outside, taking drugs, harassing small business owners, getting tasered and maced while discussing a better future and shit?


Rule #1 Don’t give cops ideas!

There was this notion that the whole movement lacks credibility, an agenda and most of all leadership. I get all that. These people are pissed with rich people and rich people control the world, so they get discredited and beaten up by the urban army. Sucks to have consciousness.
Makes one wonder if there are statistics correlating the possession of empathy to the possibility of getting his rights violently violated by authority.

There is a small region in Europe called Bosnia and Herzegovina. For everyone having his roots in the U.S.: It is next to a country called Serbia, you bombed to its current name in the late 90’s.
In this fairytale of a country the unemployment rate is estimated between 27 and 40 percent, the government the nations major employer and a recent genocide in the 80’s made this little melting pot discontent with political development.


Just look at it! Like Neverland and Narnia had a passionate night in a motelroom after prom.

Mass protests throughout the Bosnian cities arose in the course of the last eight days. As usually they call for a change in leadership. A first step would be the resignation of the current government. Three major demands for a new authority were proclaimed: expertise, incorruptibility and youth. A call for the abolishment of an economic system that heavily favors the wealthy over anyone else and concentrates power.

UK’s minster for foreign affairs William Hague called the uprising a “wake-up call for the EU”.
Really? What’s your plan? Let the IMF throw more money at the same perpetrators that extorted Bosnian integrity and identity in exchange for greater liberalization of market structures and law or some general freedom bombing?
Well, I thought so moron. Shut the fuck up, you ignorant cunt. You are already on my personal list of people I will immediately transform into a whining cripple, if they ever should be stupid enough to show up on my doorstep. Your dumb, fascist country is in my crosshairs for factual defamation anyway so just shut up and wait for it to happen. The UK’s behaviour in general should be a wake up shoot in the face to the European Union!

Here is my ingenious plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Give them a few atom bombs and let them further decide their fate on their own. In this world there is only one way to resist the perverted leviathan of money and power. It is a red button and the image of being crazy enough to push it any second at will.

2Let’s all be glad I am not Kim Yong-Il’s heir. Otherwise there would be a lot of, how do politicians put it these days, collateral damage, while I hunt unprosecuted war criminals like Kony, Putin, Blair, Cheney or Kissinger with my arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons.

Now please excuse me, the butter between my legs unfroze right now, breakfast awaits me.

Wait, one last thing I forgot. The connections between occupy whatever and the Balkan spring:
Bosnians get teargassed too.

Stand upright,


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