Major Signs of Sickness

Being sick is rarely fun, specially without weed. I can manage any kind of sickness with it. Somehow you just don’t give a fuck. Might be the major trait of that herb.


Anders Breivik. Currently on hunger strike due to lack of PS3 and porn games.

For that reason I am really looking forward towards my promised lung cancer. I do not smoke for shits and giggles! I was promised lung cancer and if that should be another one of those false hopes they raise in us like the hoverboard or jet pack, I will go on a rampage or sue someone!

Due to the symptoms of withdrawal I asked myself how I would know today if I am sick.

Could it be the constant sneezing or the running nose?
Is it possible that the change of tune in my voice indicates something?
Or the coughing of blood maybe? The sweating attacks at haphazard?
The spontaneous vomiting, sleep deprivation, diarrhea, anorexia, enhanced perception of loudness or imbalance in temper are also on the list.



All these could be major indicators of disease as well as withdrawal, so who knows.

But I think my body simply shuts down. Nothing makes sense any more. My doctors have already given up on me and it is time that I face reality too. From now on I will be useless to society. A relict of easier times.

A few weeks ago I watched some reality TV-series about porn-stars and liked it. I should have known then, but I was still under the illusion of “things will fall into place”.

The signs are there, no longer to ignore.
Only one possible cure to this menace .

I installed a toolbar…

Head in Hands

They shoot horses, don’t they?


Stand upright,



3 responses to “Major Signs of Sickness

  1. The problem here that we face is it is still a fabulous piece of writing — and if you are writing – you are of a paramount importance to society – and though for me to ‘like’ a post in which you sound like you have the plague – is just – not a nice thought to me – I WILL acknowledge that if I read a little closer I see something twinkling – though I know your means is not to twinkle twinkle toes – I see a little bit of giving up that is helpful to the getting up. And I like THAT. Or maybe I am just hallucinating in my wild imaginings of how we ‘see what we want to see’
    Likely – still – so too does iron sharp iron. I falter – — oft in my perceptions.

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