To depressed, to be killed

I just have to share this, I struggle to call it news, whereas piece of irrelevant information comes closer to the truth. It is nevertheless incredibly enjoyable.

Imagine you are depressed to such a degree, that you finally manage to take up the courage and energy to kill yourself. You think of a self-destructive, bold and simple way. The day finally has come and then?


Some minor injuries and the worst luck anyone could ever have.

My tip: Try the outdoor kind next time you degenerate!
Indoor cats are pussies, that is like common fucking sense.
It is such a major pain in the ass. Every time I think humanity cannot stultify itself any further, some dumb cunt comes across and proves me wrong.


The Siegfried that knew how to deal with carnivorous animals

We cannot control our greed, we cannot assert rationality and right about now the funk soul brother did that idiotic thing.
I got about four euros to spend today. I want it to go to a hedge fund that exploits human imbecility.

As long as you can laugh about it, you don’t need to care.


Stand upright,


3 responses to “To depressed, to be killed

  1. Sensible well trained little tigers – so sweet and docile – won’t sink their teeth into the misery of the poor soul. It certainly would be a better idea to find a raging starving hungry ferociously charged up tiger that would be pleased for the meal before her. :D

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