Free Will & Chance vs. Pinky & the Brain


I had a dream. Now I make it yours!

Someone once said to me it would be useless thinking about what some call the major questions in life.

“Who am I?”

“What do I want?”

“Why don’t I have robotic legs and arms?”

Don’t ask these questions!
You are, therefore the answers have already been given. The fact that there are answers should be sufficient. You are something and you want something, be glad that you can and sit down.
You are getting too old to complain.
The whole concept of this rebuttal fails when seriously considering, that existing does not equal being with conscience and that being is necessarily dependent on oneself willingness to continue putting effort into prolonging said state, as well as is being with conscience.

This is part of reflection still. Is reflection a hindrance to living or relevant to human development?

The ant for example does not contemplate about vanitas, but it also does not leave its hive without direct imperative to do so.
Good or bad? Irrelevant! It is not a choice therefore morally unquestionable.
Okay, okay the ants are hive-minded beings with no concept of individuality, but what if I told you, that we are neither?
By all means not as such as we see ourselves and would set ourselves to be.
What makes anyone certain that an ant on his mission does not think about it, but simply does not question its motives. In my world the ant is just whoopdifuckindoo about everything, all the time. Scary concept, but could still be reality.

Collecting food? Yeah!
Carrying shit? Yeah!
War with another hive? Yeah!
Getting burned by sadistic, little kids? Yearrghh!


If I were not Diogenes, I would be Alexander.

Sometimes I think, that my ramblings are becoming more and more abstract. Because it’s getting harder to scrutinize properly.
Do I refuse to dive that deep?
Don’t I care if minor intellectuality is barred from understanding. I don’t want to insult. I honestly cannot differ. Might be a wild cocktail of ARGH! Shut up!

Actually, I don’t give a shit, about being Mr. Crazypants or the dude that is simply not understood! In the end as every philosopher ever, even the semiunprofessional kind, I only want to justify my actions and thought patterns with fancy words.
If you don’t believe my opinion, read some shit about Ayn Rand or Karl Marx for example. They based whole ideologies on their personal flaws. The base line of their message: “I am an ass. If everybody would just deal with that for me, the world would be a better place.”
Always omitting the still silently, existing appendix:”For me and those alike me.”

Let’s take a shot at this.

First of all we should try to understand that there is no chance, there is only lack of understanding. Everything is actualized through something. Causality is not a fairytale and is not to be ignored. Nothing, absolutely nothing simply happens. Everything or everyone claiming the contrary wants to gain power or sell something.
If you are under the impression that something did just oddly occur, chances are you are simply too dumb to know the cause and to ignorant to accept your own deficiency.

But rejoice and be glad! The lack of information might not even be your fault.

When you see a bat suddenly changing its course in flight, it does not do so because of nonsensical behavioural patterns. No, it does so, because it has at least one additional sense and is more aware of its imminent surrounding than you and I are ever able to be.

Or when being on vacation at a lovely island. Suddenly all the seabirds return from sea, heading inland. The locals packing all their shit and moving inside. That might be because they do not appreciate the sun as much as you do. It is as a matter of fact much more likely that they are aware of causalities better than you could be as a stupid visitor.


The human brain is a wondrous machine and we are all our organs slave.
Yet it is completely independent isn’t it?
It is the host of our praised free will. It does neither need social input, stimulation or oxygen at all. It only needs to be! Foremost it needs to be all that, to not let our will be influenced by anything to realize its freedom. As long as there are dependencies and influences, that are not directly controlled, there are no free choices. If that becomes somehow debatable it is not my sanity that is questionable.

Neurosciences will back me up on this more and more in the future, if they not already have sufficiently. (I am the most lazy researcher!)

I already hear the people screaming:”But Jona! If you would be correct, nobody could be accountable for his wrongdoings! And we could never punish anyone anymore rightfully.”

How would I know, what happens if an asshole is  better with words than you?

How would I know, what happens if an asshole is better with words than you?

Au contraire my little friend.
First. How stupid is that idea? Because of the consequences we dismiss information as untrue. Something is not untrue, because it is unlikeable.
What this means is, that we can begin researching a hierarchy of fault. Despite the fact that imprisonment does not work as a form of resocialization you can then punish those who are truly the initiators of violence through whatever method it manifested if that would still feel necessary for you.

Cui bono is as relevant today as it always was! If you truly want to know. Do empirical work towards the main defenders of free will in public space and who the main beneficiaries are.
The main cause I woo for the scientific principle is its fungibility in a shared reality.

So posing these questions might be abundant, but a hell of a lot more fun than being a wage slave and a better reply to being under the constant threat of violence then just complying to it.
My rule for life: I don’t know what is best for others. I don’t know what is best for me.

That’s it for now. Until next time, when I explain  to you why you are slaves and how you are simultaneously defending this state.


Stand upright, it is not going to get easier,



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