The One who played

It is not getting easier.

In some times more than others it is or seems increasingly a burden to feel so little.
In times like these I wouldn’t know what I ought to feel and in fact am bewildered in lieu thereof.

I always loved my guitar. 10It took him showing me how to appreciate her simultaneously.

This master taught me to treat my precious mess with respect and compassion, like a sword and like a mistress to be repaid tenfold down the road.
It took me years to have begun to understand his deglorifying subliminal sensation.

Few lived music comparably.
Few had the chance.
Few suffered this much.
Few had so much to give.
He had and he did.

I, for my part am grateful.

Although I would have wished to see him one time live on stage before I died.
He beat me to it.

The world will miss his talent and for those who did not knew him at all, let me change that for you.
After this short eulogy will be appended his most famous concert. It is not in the least bit his best performance, but most know do him due to it and I would not want you to miss some of the worlds greatest musicians and creators.

Enjoy his work and raise your next glass to him, for mine will be the bottle.

I salute the man who played the guitar before muttering a word, Paco de Lucia.
To the tired and the restless.


Stand upright,




One response to “The One who played

  1. Something wonderful to listen to during the rest of the day. A small portion has my ears peaked for more.
    It is always an odd emotion to carry when an era or a life has ended or is ending. It can lead to great confusion in how to feel and respond and deep deep sentiment – almost a nothing state of limbo sometimes is an overpowering place to be, and yet to embrace. You have embraced this memory and influence so greatly and honourably.
    Thank you for sharing this Jona ~

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