Of State and Stars

Head over heels and matter over mind

It seems that about everywhere protests are going on, be it Ukraine or Bosnia, Romania or Venezuela. The world finally seem to have reached the brink of organized vandalism.
This sounds exaggerated and catastrophising, but that is not necessarily my only view. It is the view, that we get presented each day. It is hard enough to distinguish terrorists from pirates, between victims and culprits, how should we be able to decide which protesters are good and which are bad.

Luckily the corporate and governmental propaganda machine is working 24/7 to enable everybody’s democratic right to his own personal opinion and outrage.

Not to be confused with the Tits'o'Terror

Not to be confused with the Tits’o’Terror

You only need to press that tiny button, switch on the Tits’n’Terror-Vision and count the seconds to the first newsflash that gives you a creepy, uncomfortable feeling in your already coffee and cigarette burdened stomach or nowadays smoothie and smart phone damaged brain.

Do you remember the first time you felt that crouching, stifling and uncomfortably numb panic? Did you mark the date, when you lost your integrity like a wedding anniversary?
Do you recall the day the downfall began?
When did you internalize the us vs. them mindset?

I cannot and I deem that sad.

Vote or die!

We are, what we should be. Obedient and scared little citizen, that cry for a strong shoulder to lean on. A big strong daddy to protect us from all the evil that is waiting outside in the big bad world.
Why should we be scared and uncomfortable?
Nobody would voluntarily choose to feel that way. We are programmed and destined to behave that way.

Scared and uncomfortable is the perfect voter.
Very few would like to think of themselves that way. When realizing said state, if self-awareness reaches that level most decide to ignore and carry on.
By now we have already become the perfect yea-sayer.

You don’t choose. You nod and carry on. All the while condemning those who might raise objection to silence, rumination and otherness.
You vote for the status quo of the world. You vote for that what you see on TV.

That is not even remotely subtle!

That is not even remotely subtle!

Those with might and power would not initiate change and are most certainly never those that want the best for the people, because the best for the people will not win elections, nor help in any shape or form to keep what was accumulated.

You are programmed to nod to any state opinion, even when you deem yourself in opposition.
Of course you are allowed to have different opinions about economical perspectives as long as you accept the absentia of an intellectual discussion.
You can obviously annotate the prosecution and genocide of brown people in general (No not India-brown!), as long as you see them with a hidden bomb vest as you clench your asshole on any public means of transportation.
It is absolutely no problem to criticize capitalism, as long as you do not realize that the communist manifesto has almost entirely been implemented in the majority of states throughout the western world.


Blasphemy! All fights are necessary.

Stop schooling yourself.

There are some principles, that the public should be educated about. I am completely aware, that education is without avail in opposition to the black hole that is the human condition but here goes nothing.

When I talk with fellow humans around my age about the state of the world, recent events and so forth, we often come to a certain point. From my point of view it sounds something like this:
“But look: We as a society have agreed upon this, otherwise…”, most want to conclude that, “…everything would go down the drain”, but then usually I get this nervous, little twitch in my right eye that silences the common idiocy.

We as a society have done shit. We as a society did, what we ought to do as a bunch of law-abiding wage slaves and we got a little extra bone and bonus play time with big daddy.

Shortly before he gets back at raping our little sisters, drinking our most expensive Whiskey and celebrates a semi-professional reenactment of Tell’s tale with society’s Adam’s apple and a shotgun.

Play time daddy? Pretty please.

Play time daddy? Pretty please.

If we have decided something, how come nobody remembers anything about when, how and what the fuck we talked about?
When was this ominous moment in time in which we were all possessed by a sudden clarity, sat down for a few weeks and decided what was best for us and where the road should go?
How come I have missed that meeting? I truly care for history.

Nobody agreed upon anything!
Shit happened, people in power dealt with it as it came along and in most cases those people behind closed doors decided what will be going on in the future. Secrecy exists for a reason. Firstly to be able to jail people for treason and secondly to prevent oneself from a requirement of explanation.

In short:

Governments decide and define reality

Yeah it is government bashing time and you should know why the fuck that is.

I was raised to not hate the player and I surely learned to hate the game. I especially hate games in which few players set up the rules and still continue to play. So a few players know the god mode and all the other fuckers have not even the possibility to see, with what premium content the destined champions are able to upgrade their cute little gardens.


Too obvious! Even for Italy.

Governments and therefore states have decided the framework that is favorable and most suiting to them and still applicable to you and me. Then went on to explaining over and over and fucking over again, why it is completely altruistic and only in our best interest. It is even explained to us as young children, so that we are granted fool-proof education and do not stray from the righteous path.

“Give me a boy until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Sometimes it is beneficial to know your saints.

How many intellectuals laugh and criticize religion for brain-washing children and simultaneously gladly send their children into state education. It is not called nanny state for nothing.

When you repeat something often enough. You will find a sufficient amount of morons that will follow your stupidity with theirs.
The job description fits the politician as equally as the priest:
Don’t get tired of lying and repetition. Repeat the same stuff over and over and over again until it sits and fits.

Governments are without alternative. Well for you and me that is obviously true. Try resisting the government and you will instantly get to know the forces that can be mobilized to get you back in line.
Governments are without alternative, because you crazy fuckheads cannot be left alone with yourself, otherwise you march marauding through the lands plundering and murdering like your hearts desire and terminate every minor occurring obstacle with a major exertion of force.
I say you, because my longing for looting is somehow irreducible.


Astonished I must ask:
Who are the ones with the guns and paid bands of psychopaths unafraid to use them?
You, I or our big brotherly daddy?
Who should be kept on the short leash?

Don't worry, this only happens to poor people.

Don’t worry, this only happens to poor people…

It is time we stop making excuses for governments. It is time we held them accountable like they would consist of human beings that are legally sane and not some infallible deity with only our best interest in mind.
Our infantile wish for an invisible hand that guides us through life and protects us from evil, from the evil that we ourselves are, feeds the hydra. Our childish urge to not take responsibility for our own actions lets us grant others this freedom cherishing the hope that this favour is retroactive.

Think about it for one second!
Why would you grant strangers the benefit of indifference?
Why would you let behaviour pass that you would not accept in your immediate socioenvironment?

Or the fat guy with tear gas is bored.

…or if the tear gas guy gets bored.

States are corporations alike a construct of mind and men to serve the interest of a few. They are instruments for the preservation of might and money.
They are big imaginary people with guns and propaganda. They are those who use force on a regular basis to get, what they want, without restriction or personal involvement.
The giant should always stay hidden. A small parable about a skinny dude armed with a slingshot taught everyone this guideline of rule.

...or you like fancy wigs?

….or you like fancy wigs?

If you want to know the preferences of your state and its love for those it claim to protect, confer the punishments for the damage of corporal well-being against those for the damage of property.


…or for having too much fun in general.

Regular people everywhere on the world just want to live in peace with their families and neighbours. Most men only take violent action if forced to or if obliged to. Ask a police men, why he took his job, ask a soldier and ask a Somalian pirate. The answers might surprise you and are increasingly similar.

Because I know nothing and a weapon is easy to handle

Close to everybody is distracted and ashamed. Distracted by moving pictures, anxiety and contradictory oppression.
Ashamed for being racist, for being stupid or smart, leftist or rightist, poor, rich, a man, a woman, of mice and gods.

But beating kids is still the best.

But beating kids is still the best.

You are all thrown into the arena with the all the other frightened little children, with the majority and you are pitted against each other for the amusement and imperative necessity of those who built the grande circus.

I wonder if I will be lucky enough to see the day come, when we finally set ourselves free of our self-imagined chains. There is little doubt that I will be blessed to see the day on which we start to try.

Wanna take a look at this shirt again?

Wanna take a look at this shirt again?

The strategic division of a multinational gas and oil company, one of the leading entities in the “prediction game”, has set two scenarios for the future of our world.
Minding all its geopolitical challenges it has come to the differentiation of two scenarios. Both scenarios end around 2070 and both come to the same conclusion. Only the means differ.
The first one, the blueprint scenario, depicts the world in great collaboration and rational discussion about the distribution of resources.
The second one, is the one we would not like to see happening, because we will be dying in a tragically enormous quantity.

On what scenario would you bet? On which do you think the division bets?


Stand upright,

Jona destroys Heroes!
This fella was highly suicidal.

Highly depressive and suicidal.

“I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.” – Abraham Lincoln


21 responses to “Of State and Stars

  1. Hi, Jona. Your thoughts here seem to support where I will be going with the sequel to my current book project. Western civilization appears to be in the midst of the same long-term social decay as befell the Roman Empire. I think I can explain why.

      • The basis of my thesis is narcissism, not exceptionalism. Although I do hope that I have written an exceptional book regarding narcissism. Time will tell.

      • LMAO!
        ‘Tis not as much as in that ye do not care to divulge thy villainy in the purging of the plague that doth infest our villages – but so too that thy name is but a whisper on the wind at this time and thou must beginneth to shout from the outlook post to the gathering crowds below. ‘Hear ye hear ye – come one come all – thy quest has befallen upon thee and taken root in thine bossom. Bringest thine unguilded weapons cloaked in tongues of silver and bronze and cast aside and oust the strumpet from thine midst to avenge thine brethren of thus …punity’??

        Is punity a word???? It should be if it isn’t. I proclaim punity a word!! Come bow before us word – I proclaim thee Knighted.

        And I can now be KING instead of Queen (which means I get to knight new words into the language right??) – cos I am officially a man according to certain people :D LOL!

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